Public Works Projects

The Public Works Department has the responsibility of maintaining the quality of life in The City of Orange. The myriad of tasks which the department accomplishes on a daily basis directly affects the lives of the entire population. The Public Works Department focuses on cleaning streets, sidewalks, parks, commercial and residential communities in various areas so families, senior citizens, businesses and visitors from other communities can use and enjoy year round.

Our goal is to have effective garbage collection, an ambitious bulk collection and a recycling program that will continue to meet the needs of our community now and into the future.

Our road improvements program will continually improve the infrastructure of our population, address transportation needs and improve traffic control systems.

Public Works is dedicated to meeting the needs of the citizens of the City of Orange. 


The Department of Public Works and Engineering is the back bone of Municipal Government because it supplies a myriad of essential services as well as facilitating city wide improvements.

Our Public Works Department oversees garbage collection to households, collecting 11 million pounds of trash each year and recycling over 1,100 cubic yards of materials.

This group of dedicated employees accomplishes numerous tasks, including street sweeping and road repairs, repairing pot holes, tree trimming, stump removal, sidewalk and road opening inspections and  maintaining our City owned vehicles. We are responsible for the cleanliness of city owned and abandoned lots. In the winter,  we plow snow and spread salt for over 35 miles of City streets, City parks, as well as the municipal parking lots where we collect revenue from the meters. 

We paint stop bars, crosswalks and traffic lanes, install and maintain street signs in accordance with City ordinances, State and Federal regulations. 

We support the other Departments as well as they put on City functions which include but not limited to set up before and clean up following various events, celebrations and parades.

Public Works also supports Code Enforcement in their efforts to keep private property clean.  When violators of property codes will not comply, the Public Works Department cleans away dumped garbage, construction debris, and boarded up homes.  All City owned buildings and properties are maintained on a daily basis, to serve both the municipal employees and the citizens of Orange.