City Government

  1. Kerry J. Coley

    Kerry Coley

    East Ward Councilmember

  1. Tency A. Eason

    Tency Eason

    Council President, North Ward

  1. Weldon M. Montague, III

    Weldon Montague III

    At-Large Councilmember

  1. Clifford Ross

    Clifford Ross

    Council Vice President, At-Large

  1. Jamie Summers-Johnson

    Jamie Summers-Johnson

    South Ward Councilmember

  1. Adrienne Wooten

    Adrienne Wooten

    At-Large Councilmember

  1. Quantavia Hilbert

    Quantavia Hilbert

    West Ward Councilmember

  1. C Hartwyk - Profile Pic (Website)

    Christopher Hartwyk

    Business Administrator

  1. Sharon Watkins

    Administrative Clerk

  1. Louis Copeland


  1. joyce_lanier

    Joyce Lanier

    City Clerk

  1. Tamara Robinson

    Deputy Clerk

  1. Margarette Homere

    Senior Clerk (Clerk 3)

  1. Gabrielle Sims-Shelton

    Records Support Technician

  1. Trisha Scipio

    Records Support Technician

  1. W Sykes_2

    Wendy Sykes

    Director of Community Services

  1. A_Mapp

    Adrian Mapp

    Director of Finance

  1. N_Clements

    Nile Clements

    Chief Financial Officer

  1. Janice Ledley

    Administrative Analyst

  1. Natalie Charles

    Account Clerk (A/P)

  1. Monique Springer

    Account Clerk

  1. Christian Soto

    Account Clerk

  1. L_Best

    Laquana Best

    Director of Planning & Economic Development

  1. Christopher Mobley

    Deputy Director of Planning

  1. M_Mays

    Marty Mayes

    Director of Public Works

  1. Raymond Wingfield

    General Supervisor, Public Works

  1. Ellie Serrano

    Administrative Clerk/Water Specialist

  1. Carnell Townes

    Assistant Supervisor, Buildings & Grounds

  1. Clyde Wright

    Assistant Supervisor, Streets

  1. Jason Cox

    Water Repair Supervisor

  1. Derrick Dhanwa

    Assistant Supervisor, Parks

  1. Keesha Lewis


  1. Gracias Montilus

    Gracia Robert Montilus

    City Attorney

  1. Avram White

    Deputy City Attorney

  1. Aaron Mizrahi

    Deputy City Attorney

  1. Alex Cirocco

    Assistant City Attorney

  1. Beatrice Hackett

    Legal Assistant

  1. Brylan Hoover-Hankerson


  1. J_Moss

    James Moss

    Court Director

  1. Cassandra Corbett

    Municipal Court Judge

  1. Michael Hackett

    Chief Municipal Court Judge

  1. Rashidah Hasan

    Municipal Court Judge

  1. Lallah Rosebure

    Deputy Court Administrator

  1. Tina Dhanwa

    Court Administrator

  1. Charles Chikezie

    Chief Public Defender

  1. Theresa Pollard

    Chief Municipal Prosecutor

  1. Isaac Eason

    Isaac Eason, Jr.


  1. T Warren

    Todd Warren

    Police Director

  1. V Vitiello

    Vincent L. Vitiello

    Chief of Police

  1. W Baptist

    Wilbur Baptist


  1. C Dunn

    Christopher Dunn


  1. B Mooney

    Brian Mooney


  1. Michelle Nunez

    Confidential Secretary to Director Todd R. Warren

  1. Kelly Maiuro

    Confidential Administrative Assistant to the Chief