Planning & Economic Development

The Department of Planning & Economic Development oversees a broad range of programs aimed at improving neighborhoods and encouraging growth in the City of Orange Township. Its primary mission is to plan, organize, lead, control and deliver urban planning, zoning and economic development services to meet the needs of both private and public sectors of the City's burgeoning economy.

The Department includes the:

  • Planning Division, which manages planning and zoning activities throughout the City, including preparation of the City's Master Plan and zoning regulations, as well as providing technical and policy guidance to the Mayor, City Council, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment on issues affecting physical development of the City
  • Zoning Enforcement Division, led by the City's Zoning Officer, which is the initial stop for all construction projects to ensure that plans are in compliance with the City's permitted use and bulk standards, or to refer the application to one of the City's land use boards for further review.
  • Building & Construction Division, which reviews and processes applications for construction permits, issues permits, inspects permitted work, issues occupancy certificates, and enforces violations of the New Jersey Uniform Commercial Code.
  • Code Enforcement Division, which is responsible for enforcing the City's property maintenance regulations.

The Department also oversees the City's Parking, Licensing and Rent Leveling Offices.