Code Enforcement Division

Mission Statement

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing the City's Property Maintenance Code and its established minimum standards governing the maintenance, appearance, condition, and occupancy of residential and non-residential premises, in order to protect the public health, safety, morals, and welfare.

Certificate of Habitability Fees for Residential Property Sales

Number of UnitsInitial InspectionFirst ReinspectionSecond Reinspection
One$200No Fee$100
Two$300No Fee$200
Three$400No Fee$300
Four$500No Fee$400
Five$600No Fee$500
6 to 9$1,000No Fee$900
10 to 14$1,500No Fee$1,400
15 to 19$2,000No Fee$1,900
20 or more$2,500No Fee$2,400

Inspection Items

Items generally looked at for Certificate of Habitability Inspections:

  1. Work done without permits
  2. Working smoke detector on each level, including basement
  3. Carbon Monoxide Detector, one per unit; usually in sleeping area or level
  4. Relief valves on hot water heater and boiler piped in to within 8 inches of floor
  5. Sump pump (if present) is piped to the outside of house or unit (not connected to sanitary sewer line)
  6. Handrails for anything over two steps
  7. All switch and outlet covers in place
  8. Stairs in good shape, interior and exterior (no loose treads or bricks)
  9. Attached garages, no holes in walls or ceilings
  10. All toilets and faucets in working order
  11. Hot water (110 degrees minimum); hot faucet on left side
  12. Proper fit and venting of furnace/boiler and hot water heater to chimney
  13. Electric service panel in good shape (no openings)
  14. No exposed wires or open electrical boxes
  15. No broken windows or glass
  16. Any visible safety faults

Code Enforcement forms are located under "Forms & Applications".