Older Adults

Mission Statement

 The office of older adults provide quality services for aging adults residing in the City of Orange Township. We cater to activities that enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellness, which support independence and enrich the quality of life.

Our Community

Our senior population includes those who are active, independent, engaged, aging in place in their own homes or residential communities; and those who benefit from support services. We are committed to assisting our senior population - who spent their working years building our community - by offering programs and services which an enhanced quality of life. These include guidance services (individual and family consultations), care planning, transitions through life’s changes, support and wellness groups, referral to social services agencies, benefit applications, linkage to in-home support, rejuvenating outings, technology assistance, educational/ enrichment classes and more.

Older adult conversing with another person at a group gathering

Resource Links

Crossword Puzzles

What Are The Benefits Of Puzzles?

Seniors who regularly try their hand at solving puzzles, such as word or number puzzles, show improved brain functioning. A focus on recalling the shapes and colors of jigsaw puzzle pieces, for instance, boosts short-term memory and other cognitive functions.

Puzzles require solving, making engaging in the hobby a practice of trial and error. Seniors who use different strategies to solve puzzles are able to translate that skill into everyday life. As a result, shifts in perspective and finding adaptable solutions ease the challenges of day-to-day living.

Older adults who are successful at solving a puzzle experience a boost in mood. Dopamine is released in the brain, rewarding the senior with a flurry of good feelings. Plus, sitting in front of a computer to solve a puzzle can be a source of stress relief.

Cognitive decline may be warded off when seniors focus on the details of solving puzzles. In a word puzzle, for instance, the elderly hobbyist must concentrate on small letters and the orientation of words. Jigsaw puzzles require attention to minute details, which engages parts of the brain. Click here to access the crossword puzzle.