Mayor's Office

The Mayor is the Chief Executive of The City of Orange Township. Mayor Dwayne D. Warren, Esq. takes a hands-on role in the daily operations inside City Hall.

Mission Statement

The City of Orange Township Mayor's Office provides the leadership, support, and resources to enable City Departments to provide services in a high quality, cost efficient, timely manner to residents.


The Mayor's responsibilities include:

  • Appointing the Business Administrator and all other department heads, with the advice and consent of the Council
  • Supervising all departments under written delegation to the Business Administrator
  • Requiring all departments to present annual reports of all the work performed
  • Appointing the members of board and commissions as authorized by ordinance, general law and any other officers or employees whose manner of appointment is not otherwise specified in a charter or ordinance
  • Submitting an annual municipal operating budget to the Council
  • Making recommendations deemed in the public's best interest to Council for action
  • Providing an annual report to the public and Council on the accomplishments of the previous year and the anticipated goals and objectives for the current year
  • Approving all Council ordinances and allowing them to take effect with his approval or exercising his right to veto
  • Attending all Council meetings and conferences while taking part in discussions, and casting the deciding vote in case of a tie on the question of filling a vacancy in the Council