The Nursing Division collaborates with East Orange Health Department, West Orange Health Department, Essex County, State of New Jersey Department of Healt h and Senior Services, and local physicians to provide residents with health information and access to quality care.

Public Health Nursing Supervisor

The Orange Health Department provides a variety of diverse services that protects the community, prevent the development and spread of disease, and assist residents in making healthy decisions. The public health nurse superviso'r plays a vital role in protecting the health of populations by educating communities and delivering care within them. In this role the public health nurse investigates all cases of New Jersey reportable diseases and enters them into the NJ CDRSS reporting system. The public health nurse uses skills and knowledge to prevent disease, promote health, and improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. The Public Health Nurse Supervisor oversees the specialized public health nursing service work in the city and throughout assigned districts within the community. The Public Health Nurse Supervisor supervises assigned professional and other support staff in the city's health department and does other related duties.

Clinical/Nursing Services

• Healthcare Resources

• Blood Pressure Screening

• Communicable Disease Investigation and Surveillance

• Immunization Audits of all Schools and Daycare Facilities

• Develops and implements public health nursing programs

• Monitors the quality of care provided by Visiting Nurse

Older Adult Health Program

The older adults health program is partially funded by the Essex County Division of Senior Services. The program provides visiting nurse services to help older adults to maintain independence within their home and community. The program provides needs assessments, education, counseling, screening, monitoring for diabetes and heart disease and referrals for other services as needed.

Older Adults are encouraged to complete a File of Life, an emergency card with emergency contacts, list of medications and medical history in case of emergency. The nurses make monthly visits to Senior Residential buildings within the township.