Animal Control

Animal Control is responsible for animal related functions, including:

  • Issuing annual dog and cat licenses.
  • Enforcing the rabies vaccination criteria set by the state.
  • Enforcing state and local codes.
  • Patrolling and impounding stray dogs and cats.
  • Inspecting and licensing pet shops.
  • Investigating animal bites.
  • Investigating animal nuisance complaints.
  • Maintaining lost and found records.
  • Providing rabies and animal education programs and advice.
  • Performing dead animal removal.
  • Quarantining, capturing, and submitting specimens to the State Department of Health.
  • Offering a rabies control program for suspect domestic animals and wildlife.

Animal Emergencies

Animal control services are available to respond to animal emergencies. All animal bites (including dogs, cats, raccoon, bats, etc.) must be reported immediately to the Health Department. Biting animals are quarantined.

Please call or send an email for additional information.

8:30am to 4:30pm - (973) 518-1773

4:30PM to 8:30am - (973) 266-4111 ext. 0

Email Rudy Giordano


All dog and cat owners must obtain an annual license for their pet(s), which is renewable each January.

Cat License Applications/Renewal Form

Dog License Application/Renewal Form

Owners must provide proof of rabies vaccination before the license is issued. The rabies certificate must show an expiration date after October 31st of the current year in order to be valid. If your pet has been spayed or neutered, a certificate from the veterinary should be included.

License Fees

  • Non-spayed/neutered: $11
  • Spayed/neutered: $8
  • Late fee charged after March 1st: $10

Rabies Clinics

The Orange Health Department offers free walk-in rabies clinics for dogs and cats twice a year. Contact Animal Control for the clinic's schedule.

For after-hours emergencies, call the Police Department at (973) 266-4111

They will contact the animal control officer.

Emergency Animal Control Recall Will Be Enacted For:

  • An injured domestic animal; dog or cat.
  • A wild animal in the living portion of the home; squirrel, raccoon, bat.
  • An animal posing an immediate threat to a person or domestic animal.
  • A suspect rabid animal that is confined or acting in an aggressive manner.
  • An animal blocking the entrance to a resident's home.
  • Wild dogs posing an immediate threat.