City Clerk

The Municipal Clerk is one of four statutory municipal positions required by NJ State Law. Under the direction of the City Clerk, the office of the City Clerk is committed to the accurate recording and careful safeguarding of the municipality’s records, maintaining high ethical standards and remaining impartial and apolitical in dealing with public officials and citizens. The Municipal Clerk is Secretary to the governing body, municipal corporation and custodian of the municipal seal.

As the Chief Administrative Officer in all elections held in the municipality, the Clerk is the first point of contact. During every election the Clerk’s office is available from 5 am to the closing of polls. The Clerk also serves as the Chief Registrar of Voters in the municipality and conducts late registration of voter as required by law. For late registration dates please contact the clerk’s office. This office is responsible for towing licenses, taxicab and livery licenses, bingo and raffle licenses, and is custodian of all municipal records. This office is also where the public can obtain copies of City Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes, (hyper drive link to City Council meeting and agenda link) Contracts, Development Regulations, City Street Map, Zoning Map, Municipal Code, Public Records through the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) and other general information.

In addition, the Clerk’s office is where you would request the City of Orange Open Public Records Act (OPRA) form (place hyper drive)

Mission Statement
It our mission to manage and preserve the City’s official records, assist the public in accessing public documents and information, to serve as a source for informational, historical, legislative, and election services, to support the City Council, and to maintain professionalism as we provide high quality, efficient, fair services in a transparent and courteous manner.

It is our mission to SERVE and in service move Orange Forward.

To set the bar for excellent customer service through innovation, expertise and a cooperative spirit.

In these difficult and challenging times, our goals is to remain focused on expanding public access and self-service solutions, collaborating with others to leverage ideas and resources, and strengthening our relationship with the business community for economic development.  


  • Offsite Storage of the City’s historic and permanent records.
  • Purged over a 100 Boxes of Records as per State's guidelines from a various departments.
  • Digitized Records from 1860 to present enhancing the accessibility and retrieval of City records.
  • Maintained the Council's Website with real time documents and information providing a smooth transition to contactless access and distribution during the Global Pandemic
  • Processed over 2,000 OPRA Requests
  • Implemented a Quarterly Council Newsletter


  • Paperless Agenda Packages
  • Citywide Records Management Program
  • Provide Kiosk for public use to search and obtain City records
  • Continue Purging City documents